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9th International Workshop on Aspect-Oriented Modeling
October XX, 2006, Genova, Italy

held in conjunction with the
9th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems (MoDELS'06)
October 1-6, Genova, Italy

Aspect-orientation is a rapidly advancing technology. New and powerful aspect-oriented programming techniques are presented at the International Conference on Aspect-Oriented Software Development every year. However, it is not clear what features of such techniques are "common aspect-oriented concepts" and what features are rather language-specific specialties. Research in Aspect-Oriented Modeling (AOM) has the potential to help find such common characteristics from a perspective that is at a more abstract level (i.e., programming language-independent). The ultimate goal of research in AOM is to provide aspect-oriented software developers with general means to express aspects and their crosscutting relationships onto other software artifacts.

This workshop aims to identify and discuss the impacts of aspect-oriented technologies on software modeling, and to set up a shared agenda for future research in aspect-oriented modeling of software systems. To achieve these goals, we invite the participants to present new ideas and discuss the state of research and practice in modeling different kinds of crosscutting concerns at multiple levels: software architecture, detailed design, testing, and mapping models onto aspect-oriented programs. The results of the workshop are expected to contribute towards answering the following key questions:

  • How do aspects emerge and appear in models?
  • In what respect do they help to understand the problem domain?
    And how do they help to find "better" software solutions?
  • In what regards are current modeling techniques suitable to design aspects?
  • In what respect do they fail to do so?
  • How could those deficiencies be resolved?

Important Dates

Deadline for Position Papers: July 29, 2006
Notification Date of Acceptance: August 12, 2006
Deadline for Final Versions: September 9, 2006
Workshop Date: One of the first three days in October, 2006 (t.b.a.)

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